Max Reger The Five String Quartets (VOX)
Beethoven The Serenades (FSM)
Mozart / Mendelssohn 2 String Quintets (FSM)
Mozart Zweite Lodronische Nachtmusik KV 287 and Divertimento Nr. 17 (R & M)
Brahms / Reger Trio op.40 and Trio op. 2 (FSM)
Max Bruch / Carl Reinecke Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano
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Les Vendredis Album with Russian Compositions (VOX)
Sempre Viola Encore Pieces for Viola and Piano
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Viola Ancora Encore Pieces for Viola and Piano
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Bloch / Milhaud / Prokoffiew Suite for Viola and Piano
Première Sonate pour Alto et Piano
4 Pieces from "Romeo and Julia"
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Nouveautés Compositions by Eberhard Klemmstein for Violin
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Chamber Music Compositions by Eberhard Klemmstein:
String Quintet, Piano Trio, Piano Quartet
Introduction, Theme and Variations for String Trio
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Chamber Music for Larger Ensembles Compositions by Eberhard Klemmstein:
Fantasy on a Theme by Paganini (Nonet)
Fantasy for 15 Solo Strings
Piano Quintet No. 1
Kästner Cantata
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